Special Schools

Special Schools

The Samarth School under the project proposal on Specific Intervention for facilitating development of children with disability was started since the year 2000 and running upto now. Though we have faced many problems still we are working very sincerely in the inaccessible area of disability.

Now 60 children with special needs are staying and reading in this school. Apart from academic education we also are providing many vocational training courses like Tailoring, Wool Knitting, Embroidery, Jewellery Making, Painting, Music, Computer, Agarabati Making & Candle Making to our children. We are also giving training on Cooking, Washing their own cloths & the skill of how to perform daily living works. We could also able to convince the high officials of our state by which

the Govt. has allotted a stall in Bhubaneswar to sell our finished products. The Govt. has also allotted some budget to run this stall in the initial stage. This is our another greatest achievement in the disability field. Three students of our school namely Sunita Raula, Sarojini Sethy and Y. Laxmi awarded in the 63rd District Level Independence Day Programme for their outstanding contribution in the field of sports and in all round activities. All the 5000 members including the Minister, Collector, S.P., burocrates and PRI members have surprised by seeing the achievements of these three talented disabled children. We are trying to success the programme very sincerely with participatory approach but financially we are not so sound to implement all our plannings.

In the year 2010 the first batch of SAMARTH has passed HSC Examination and upto now 6 batches have passed from our school. For the first time 3 disabled children of our school have passed +2 Science Course from a reputed Govt. College at Chatrapur. These are the first students in the history of Odisha who have passed +2 Science by sitting in a wheel chair. Now many students of our school are reading in Diploma Engineering, Civil Engineering & ITI.

8 children & two staff of our school have attended the Sub- Regional Abilympics Test at BBSR on 24th & 25th January 2009. The Regional competition of Abilympics was held at Kolkata on 18th-20th March 2009. Miss Sriyarani Dei has participated in Tailoring event, Y. Laxmi has participated in Embroidery & Jewelry Making event & Sarojini Sethi has participated in Embroidery & Hand Knitting event The students of this school Miss Sarojini Sethi and Y. Laxmi have selected to participate in National Abilympics & participated at Jabalpur from 22-24 October 2010. Our children have participated in the 6th International Abilympics & in the 7th National Abilympics. Including them our teachers who are persons with disabilities have also participated in both the programmes. One student Y. Laxmi has got one Gold Medal in Computer Speed & Accuracy competition & one Silver Medal in Embroidery Competition in 1st National Abilympics. Another student Sunita Raula have got two gold medals, one silver medal & one bronze medal in the 4th National Para Olympics. We are observing Independence Day and Republic Day on 15th August and 26th January of every year. By seeing the pace of our school activities District Administration is inviting the Secretary of the school to attend District Level Preparatory Meetings of Independence Day and Republic day. The District Administration is also conducting competitions on patriotic song and drawing and distributed prizes in the district level function. No doubt this is a very great success to the staff as well as to the organizers. We are celebrating Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja Holly, Dewaly Gandhi Jayanti, Utkal Diwas, Teachers Day. Childrens Day and Rakshya Bandhan with great enthusiasm. On the eve of the celebration of different days we are inviting several senior officers and trying to wash out their mind regarding the concept of disability and trying to sensitize them how they can contribute much for the greater interest of these disabled children. Apart from all this we have also conducted some social activities to give proper teaching to our beneficiaries so that they can became a good responsible citizen in their near future like observation of National Environment Awareness Programme, Health Camps and excursion programme to different places etc. We are organising two health camps every year in which many doctors have treated and distributed the medicines as per their requirement. In these camps we have not only treated our own children but also the disabled children of the concerned area from where our children have come and our children are reading have joined and taken the advantage of this Mega Health Camp. By seeing the activities of our association, school children and staff members all are realizing it in a positive way and gives all the credit to the General Secretary of the association who is the symbol of success in all the fields. In the September 2009 he was rewarded with the State Level Award of “Best achiever of the year 2009”. Not only the Secretary Mr. K. Ananda got the award but also the children of the school were felicitated in many occasions. In the month of June 2010, the First Child Rights Assembly was conducted in Bhubaneswar in which the disabled children from Orissa, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra and Tamilnadu have participated in which 2 children of our school have also participated. Among the vast representations of disabled children from different states our child Miss Babita Pradhan got the 3rd prize and blessed by the then Hon’ble Governor of Orissa in the presence of many State Level, National Level and International figures. We are sure in the coming years we could able to do many more things for the welfare of these disabled children and a remarkable change will happen not only in the local scenario but also in the lives of our beneficiaries, their parents as well as the other disabled people of this locality. A Regional Grama Shree Mela was organised by CAPART, an Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India, from 2nd Jan. 2009 to 10th Jan. 2009 at Chatrapur Stadium. A total number of 120 Stalls have opened there by different N.G.Os, selling institutions & dealers in which we got one stall. The finished products of our Vocational Training unit have displayed there which was praised by many organisations, NGOs, individuals. It was specially facilitated by the District Administration. We have always giving stress on value based education along with its quality. On 26th April 2009 a whole day programme was conducted by the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris in SAMARTH premise. Raj Yogini B.K. Bijayalaxmi B. K. Malesu, B.K. Santanu, Sister B.K. Jamuna have imparted the moral values & spiritual topics. A mega “Yoga Sibira” was also conducted along with “BRAHMA BHOJANA”. We are observing the Mental Health Day in a specific way. On 9th July of every year the Foundation Day of SAMARTH School is observimg in the school premise in a memorable way.. The District Administration in very much impressed about the teaching methods of our school. On 6th July 2011 we have discussed with the District Collector Ganjam regarding the methods of teaching, the intention of running SAMARTH, the vocational Trainings we are providing to the students, the results of our students in several examinations & the overall achievement of SAMARTH. After 45 minutes discussion the Collector was very much impressed & has instructed the District Officials of Sarva Sikhya Abhiyan to follow the method & accordingly the District Project Coordinator-SSA have called a two days workshop to prepare the IEC materials in which the Secretary of our Association along with other staff & leading personalities have attended the workshop. Accordinglu a booklet was published and circulated to all the BRTs & IE Volunteers of Sarva Sikhya Abhiyan. By taking them in excursion trip the children are getting chance to move some tourist places like Temples, Sea Beach, Lake & historical places by which they are refreshing their mind & enhancing their knowledge about the historical places and geographical areas.