A Profile

A Profile

Name of the Organisation:-Ganjam District Orthopaedically Handicapped Welfare Association (G.D.O.H.W.A)

Office Address: G.D.O.H.W.A,
At-Netaji Subash Marg (near S.P Residence)
Po- Chatrapur, Dist-Ganjam(Orissa)-761020
Email Address- samarth_gdohwa@yahoo.co.in

Contact Person :- Mr. K.Ananda, General Secretary, G.D.O.H.W.A.
Mob- 9861063851, 9437513391.

Bank Address & Account No.:- State Bank of India, Chatrapur Branch,
A/C No.(1) 1060338136-2, (2).


GDOHWA (Ganjam District Orthopaedically Handicapped Welfare Association) was started in 1986. Aiming at supporting and organizing innovative services for urban and rural poor P.W.Ds, the association is incorporating for integrated development.

GDOHWA perceives “Integrated Development” as a dynamic process of creating sustainable conditions where P.W.Ds can live an independent life, free of any external subjugation.

GDOHWA proposes to empower P.W.Ds to be self-sufficient, through education skill development and economic empowerment. It seeks to further involve them in the participation of analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation of development processes and promote initiative.



By now we have arranged to distribute only 13,000 Aids & Appliances, 160 P.W.Ds have received loans through NHFDC, but upto the year 2015 we are planning to cover all the 35,000 P.W.Ds to provide loans and Aids & Appliances. The association has a great vision to provide Self Employment to all the needy P.W.Ds upto the year 2015. Steps being taken to secure 3% employment to educated P.W.Ds to their respective sphere. To impart education for all severely affected physically challenged children who are unable to prosecute their studies due to their physical deformities and non-availability of necessary infrastructure and social accommodation. We have also eagerly waiting and also working in the same sphere to see a pollution free environment and that society where no animals will face any type of torture either from internally or from externally.


Our goal is to achieve all the above activities mentioned in the vision.

Current Thrust

To solve the different issues under taken by the associations with the active collaboration and financial help from different Government and Non- Govt. Organizations

Future Objectives

Though we are trying to undertake all the developmental activities, our limited financial resources are not allowing us to cover all those above mentioned activities. But we are planning to cover almost all the P.W.Ds through the projects of Education Vocational Training, Health, Rehabilitation, Employment and Self-Employment. Our first and for most aim is to run a self sufficient Special Residential School for severely affected OH children. Apart from this we are also trying to undertake the following activities in the near future. We want to have a rapid progress in terms of comprehensive development & for the cause of the PWDs we need many more programmes related to rehabilitation. To start some training programmes which will generate some income after training like Cover File making, Light-Engineering, Weaving, Stenography & Software Technology, Medical & Health Check- up, Lab-Technician training and some other dynamic & demanded programmes. To launch some training-cum-production centers To sensitize the district Administration Elected Persons & above all the PWDs of our district about the PWD Act 1995 & about the facilities and concessions available for the PWDs.

GDOHWA has the Organizational Structure, decision making access to information and resources as follows


Full time staff :            14 (M-9 & F-5)
Part time staff :            12 (M-8 & F-4)
Volunteers :            44 (M-31 & F-13)
Total No. of staff :            70 (M-48 & F-22)

Financial Status


YEAR                     TURNOVER                        NET WORTH
2004-2005                     Rs.10,89,419                        Rs.39,844
2003-2004                     Rs.10,47,470                        Rs.46,098
2002-2003                     Rs.8,68,900                        Rs.72,730
2001-2002                     Rs.8,64,432                        Rs.22,000
2000-2001                     Rs.4,40,187                        Rs.51,235