The Ganjam District Orthopaedically Handicapped Welfare Association is conducting many activities for the upliftment of the Persons with Disabilities like Education, Vocational Training, Health, Employment, Self-employment and Rehabilitation.


Education is one of the key elements of our activities. We are giving much importance on education of the Children with Special needs. In this sector we are working on both institutional set up like establishment and running special residential school SAMARTH (the details can be seen in the Samarth section) and community based set up like distribution study kits, financial assistance, arranging Banishree Scholarship, escort allowance and transport allowance alongwith distribution of aids and appliances, arranging books and dress materials, establishment of accessible environment in the schools like constructions of ramp and arranging accessible chairs etc.

One successful step of our continuous effort is that though the Govt. schools are not ready to accommodate these disabled children still they realized the need and the importance of enrolling these disabled children in the normal schools. For example in Sri Maa Sri Aurobindo Integral School nine disabled children were admitted in the year 2009-10. The school has created such an atmosphere in which all the disabled children can read independently in an inclusive manner for which the Dist. Administration has awarded as Best Inclusive School for integrating the children with disabilities in the Dist. Level Independence Day Function 2009. Really it was a nice atmosphere where all persons have realized it in a positive manner.

Previously M.R., C.P., & children with disability having severe disability were not allowed to get admission in the general schools. But we have interacted with the Govt. Officials very tactfully & could able to bring a circular from the Education Department of Govt. of Orissa that all kinds of children with disability are eligible to get admission in the normal schools. The Govt. has also declared that at any time of the educational year even after the completion of the normal admission date these disabled children can take admission in all the so called normal/general schools. But the so called general schools are refusing to give admission to these disabled children for which we are fighting with the Govt. very carefully so that proper integration will be made in all parts of our society.

The second greatest achievement of our continues effort is that the Govt. has passed the resolution that if the disabled children of our state will go for Higher Education or Technical Training including Medical and Engineering will be exempted from admission fees, tution fees and other related fees. Several disabled children of Orissa have benefited by this announcement.

Vocational Training

To create employment and self-employment opportunity among the PWDs we are running many Vocational Training courses on Computer Application, Tailoring, Wool Knitting, Embroidery, Painting, Drawing, Greeting Card making, Phenyl, Agarabati, Candle, School Bag, Jewellery making, Mechanical Assembly and Bamboo work.


Teachers Training Programme-

The 10 days Teachers Training Programme is organizing every year about the teaching methods for children with special needs.

Parents Orientation Training Programme-

The four days Orientation Training Programme for the parents of the SAMARTH school is conducting every year. In this programme the parents were imparted the value of education for these Disabled Children, how Disabled Children are performing their duties like the so called normal people after getting their education. How the children will be benefited after completion of their education what is the role of the parents and how they will be benefited.Really the parents were ignorant about this concept. They were also aware about the facilities available for these children as well as what are the laws & schemes implementing for them.


Being the registered organisation of National Trust under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empower Govt. of India and as the member of LLC in Ganjam District we are recommending for Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme for the MR, CP, Autism and Multiple Disabled.


Since long we are working for the 3% reservation for PWDs in every Govt. set up, Public Sector under takings and other organisations. We are trying our level best for the 3% reservation in OAS, OJS, OES and OFS posts. We are also working for the accessible arrangements in working places, arrangement of Convince Allowance, appointment/ transfer of posting to suitable areas and reservation in promotion.


We are arranging loans through NHFDC, PNEGP, DRI, SJSY, SC/ST Development Corporation, OSFDC and Khadi Board so that they can be self- employed by establishing their own enterprises.


As leading organisation of the State for the PWDs, basically we are working as a District Resource Center not only for the PWDs of Ganjam District but also for the PWDs of our State. Among our measure rehabilitation works some of the important works are as follows:

Distributions of Aids and Appliances

We are one of the channelizing agency for distribution of Try Cycles, Wheel Chairs, Crutches, Calipers, Artificial Limbs, Hearing Aids, Blind Sticks and other instruments required for the PWDs

Arrangement of Loans

As above we are arranging Loans for their Self-employment.

Bus Concession and Train Concession

We are arranging Bus Concession and Train Concession for their easy convince.

Marriage Incentive

Since long we have continued to work on this issue and now we are arranging Rs. 50, 000/- from Govt. for those PWDs who got Married to non disabled counter parts.

Distribution of Laptop for Visually Impaired and other PWDs

For the education of the PWDs we are arranging Laptops for the visually impaired students from Govt. side and other PWDs from other sources.

Formation of Disabled Persons groups to fight for some common issues.

Awareness Meetings

We are conducting Panchayat Level, Block Level and District Level sensitisation programmes to create awareness about their rights.

We are conducting Sensitisation and Awareness Programme in various levels. Uoto now we have conducted many workshops for all the District Level Officers of Ganjam District, BDOs, CDPOs and Tahasildars, Medical Officers, BRTs, IEVs, GPEOs, WEOs, SEOs, FEOs, PRI members, NGO leaders, CBO and DPO leaders of Ganjam District. We have also conducted State Level workshops for the Secretaries, Joint Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, Additional Secretaries, Directors, Deputy Secretaries, for all the District Social Welfare Officers, Additional District Social Welfare Officers, District Welfare Officers and District Project Coordinators of Sarva Shikshya Abhiyan.

To create awareness about UNCRPD the Association has attended in many workshops as Resource Person and have organised many meetings to propagate the same. For example the General Secretary of Ganjam District Orthopaedically Handicapped Welfare Association has attended as the Resource Person in the District Level workshop of GOs, NGOs & CBOs of Puri District on dated 31-08-2010. Likewise on dated 01-12-2010 he attended as the Resource Person in Nuvapada on the Cluster Level sensitisation programme of PWDs. District Level World Day for


On the eve of the International Day for the Disabled we are conducting Mega Programmes on 3rd December of every year.

Lobby and Advocacy

As a part of our lobby and advocacy programme we have cooperated the IEVs who are appointed for the education of the disabled children. By organizing a state level rally of the IEVs we have brought their problems to the notice of the Govt. and discussed elaborately with the Education Minister and Principal Secretary of the Education Dept. to solve their problems.

Social activities-

Immediately after Phailine we have distributed 4000 food packets each day to the Phailine affected people of Chatrapur Block continuously for 7 days in which we have given special attention to the disabled children and disabled persons. Then with the help of Goonj one International Volunteer Organisation we have distributed cloths for children, women and others including water bottles, biscuits, winter cloths and others to the Phailine affected people in which we have also given special attention to the PWDs. In all these programmes we have associated our disabled children for their learning. Then we have given Rs. 5,000/- each to the parents of our disabled children for repairing Phailine affected houses with the help of Asha Stanford which was praised by many people.

Observation of National Environment Awareness Programme

Every year we are conducting mega plantation programmes in different schools and offices