The Ganjam District Orthopaedically Handicapped Welfare Association has many achievements and success stories. Some of them are mentioned below:

Success Story-1

During the year 2008-09 we have formed more than two hundred groups of persons with disabilities. These groups are heterogeneous in nature i.e. having both male & female PWD members. At first all the banks have denied to register these groups & open accounts in their names. But our PWD friends by learning many things in the panchayat level & block level meetings have demanded their rights in all the banks as a result of which many banks have agreed to register their names & opened accounts in their names but some of the banks have not listened their demands. Then our PWD friends have made a dharana before the District Administration & by discussion with these PWD friends Collector Ganjam have send a request letter to the administrative officers of Mahila Vikash Samabaya Nigam seeking information whether these PWD groups of heterogeneous are eligible for registration as SHG groups or not. The answer of this letter is not received upto now.

Success Story-2

In the year 2009-10 we have requested the State Project Director of Odisha Primary Education Project Authority (OPEPA) to conduct a State Level Workshop on UNCRPD for the District Project Co-ordinators of Sarva Sikhya Abhiyan. Initially he has refused to conduct the workshop but after several personal meetings he has called the DPCs to attend the workshop. He personally presided the inaugural session of the workshop and invited State Commissioner for Persons with Disability as the Chief Guest and Sri Sanyas Kumar Behera as the Chief Speaker. He also instructed all his officials to remain in the workshop. After the workshop he had requested the department to take some necessary steps as per our request letter to avoid many irregularities in the appointment of Sikhya Sahayak for the PWDs of Odisha. The State Commissioner for Persons with Disability has also instructed the Department about the same.

Success Story-3

Previously the transport allowance was given by the SSA to the parents of the disabled children but after this workshop the DPC has agreed to amend their existing rules and decided to send the revised guideline to the DPCs that transport allowance will be given to the actual escorts of the disabled children or to the disabled children itself which is a great success story of our advocacy programme.

Success Story-4

In the year 2011 the Govt. of India has appointed one inclusive education volunteer for each two GPs for which Govt. of India has sanctioned Rs. 3,000/- per each IEV. But instead of giving Rs. 3,000/- per IEV, Odisha Govt. has used to give Rs. 2,500/- per month per IEV. When this has came to our notice we have raised this issue in the state coordination committee meeting when the National Raportear of National Human Rights Commission Sri Prasanna Pincha was present in the meeting. This was presented before the Chair Person of National Human Rights Commission and the Chair Person have informed the same to the Chief Secretary of Odisha. This way we have persued in the Official Level. In another way we have formed District Level forums of IEVs in each District and conducted Dharanas before the Office of the Collector in each District and presented the memorandums to the Govt. and also conducted a mega strike before the State Legislative Assembly. Then Govt. has called the team for discussion and then agreed to raise their salary for Rs. 3,000/- per month.

Again after one year Govt. of India has abolished all the IEVs posts and retrenched them from their posts. Again we have conducted a big Dharana before the State Legislative Assembly and presented a memorandum by giving ultimatum that if all the IEVs will not reinsisted then the Assembly will be made with a big Gherau/ Protest. Then the Govt. again called for discussion and agreed to appoint all the IEVs from state Govt. policy and accordingly the budget has allocated. And this is the one of the greatest success story of our advocacy work.


  The principle of inclusive education has started with the appointment of additional two Block Resource Teachers (BRTs) in each block of Odisha which is a great achievement of our advocacy programme in the year 2008-09. This year many Block Resource Persons have appointed in all the Blocks of Odisha to educate the children with special needs.

  In the year 2008-09 the Govt. of Odisha has declared that in every disaster management committee there should be one person with disability.

  Likewise Govt. has also declared that in every Palli Sabha and Grama Sabha committee there should be one person with disability.

  One IEV (inclusive education volunteer) was working for every two Panchayats whose salary was very low. We have taken the lead and organized all the 3000 IEVs of Odisha and demonstrated a one day Dharana before the Office of the Collector in each District and submitted a memorandum to the Govt. when nothing has happened we have protested for 4 days before the State Legislative Assembly to protect their job and increase their salary. The Govt. has invited our delegation team and discussed in detail about the problems where it was decided that one more IEV will be appointed in each District of Odisha and their salary was increased from Rs. 2,500/- per month to Rs. 3,000/- per month. This is another remarkable achievement of our sincere effort.

  Because of our advocacy programme many PWDs of our service area have empowered and become conscious about their rights due to which whenever they are seeing any irregularities they are coming to us for justice.

  We have filled many cases in the court of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities. By doing this we want to achieve three things one is to give justice to the deprived PWDs, the second is to train them how to fight for justice for themselves as well as for others and at last but not least we want to threat all the law breakers that if you violate the legitimate rights of the PWDs then law will take its own course, PWDs will fight for their rights and you all become punished with puritive measures.

  One Private School named Srimaa Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre got Best Inclusive School for integrating the children with disabilities in the Dist. Level Independence Day Function 2009.

  The severe disabled children who are unable to go to the normal schools independently will be provided the escort allowance of Rs. 3000/- per year.

  The Govt. has also decided to provide 20 minutes extra time in each one hour examination to those disabled children who are using scribes or whose percentage of disability is 40 or more than that.

  By realizing the need of the disabled children the Govt. has appointed two additional Block Resource Teachers in each Block & one IE Volunteer for each two Gram Panchayats for the education of the children with special needs. Now the Govt. is thinking to appoint one IE Volunteer for each Gram Panchayat.

  Previously people were not interested for working as special teachers in the schools like ours. But now the Govt. has declared for pension benefit to attract the people for this profession. By this the service and the life of the special teachers will be protected in a better manner.

  For our continues efforts State Child Rights Commission have arranged a State Level Workshop to solve the educational problems of the disabled children of Odisha.

  We have injected several points in the State Policy of the PWDs regarding the educational needs of the CWSN.

  Now the Govt. has introduced a new Scribe Policy for the Children with Special Needs as per the tune of the Central Govt. for which we are fighting since last four years.

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